Chasing the Dream and what I’ve been up too

Disclaimer: This is a quick update and is unedited. It’s to let those who are curious, know what I’m up too and how to stay updated.

Happy Friday Familia and friends!

As some of you have noticed, I’ve been up to a lot lately but some may still be confused as to what I’m doing.

I’ll tell you what I’m up too. I’m chasing the dream!

So what exactly is that? Good question. I’m going to answer that because the answer is sort of long but they all go hand in hand.

I’ve taken the jump and gone full time this year with my dreams and entrepreneurial jounrye. I have two companies, WorkMand and Graveti. Which I run as CEO and am also a co-founder. I’m also the Code2040 Minneapolis EIR at COCO, which is powered by Google For Entrepreneurs.

They go hand in hand because I was working on WorkMand and Graveti before I was named the Code2040 EIR and they support me on my journey of building WorkMand. In exchange, I help increase the Black and Latino/a tech and entrepreneurial community in the Twin Cities. Which is something I’m passionate about and is exactly why Graveti was founded in the first place.

So what is WorMand and Graveti and the EIR position?

WorkMand, is a construction platform to help contractors run and grow their business. They can find jobs, bid on them, manage the workflow, receive payments and even source workers.

Graveti, is a social venture that focuses on increasing diversity & inclusion in the Twin Cites tech and startup community. We strive and create pathways of success for people of color in Tech, with a strong focus on the Black and Latino/a (Hispanic) community.

Why WorkMand & Graveti at the same time?

My reason is simple. I truly believe in the startup mantra, where you should only start a startup, if it’s a problem you have to solve and can can’t stop thinking about. And with WorkMand and Graveti, I experienced that problem and I knew that if I didn’t solve it, no one else would. With a great team, support and the passion, I know we can accomplish these goals. It’s a long road but we’re here for the long game.

So what’s the EIR position and are you working for Code2040, Google and/or COCO?

The CODE2040 Residency, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, is designed to empower Black and Latina/o entrepreneurs to take their companies to the next level while cultivating diversity in their own communities. So I’m working along side with, COCO, Code2040 and Google for Entrepreneurs to take my company to the next level and change the face of tech and entrepreneurship in the Twin Cities.

How to stay updated?

If you’re interested and what to stay up to date on what I’m doing, you can do that by following me on here (Medium) and Twitter. I will be blogging on a more consistent basis. I will be covering my experience with the Code2040 residency, my journey as a Latino (Mexican) entrepreneur, the story of WorkMand and Graveti and diversity and inclusion in the Twin Cities.

Cheers to a great weekend!

PS: COCO and I are hiring an intern to help us with our diversity and inclusion goals throughout the residency. This is a great opportunity and should apply! You can read more here.

PPS: Follow my companies on social media. WorkMand: Facebook & Twitter | Graveti: Facebook & Twitter | I’m also on snapchat: officialarod

Here’s some press if you want to learn more:

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