Where am I with my 2016 goals?

Dreams money can buy
Everybody yelled “Surprise!”, I wasn’t surprised
That’s only cause I been waiting on it, n*gga
So fuck whoever hating on a n*gga, of course

My peeps, Happy April! Damn has the first quarter of the year flown by. I have some big, big updates and news to share with everyone (although I’m sure you already know from my previous post or if you’ve been following me on FB/Twitter).

So where do I start… Well first, let’s refresh on what my goals are for 2016:

  • Health
  • WorkMand
  • TUP (‘The Underrepresented Project’)
  • Financial Freedom
  • Tell ’em who I am

And of course my theme is consistency. And some of my smaller goals were:

  • Read 24 books.
  • Write 24 blog posts.
  • Launch Enterprise Rising podcast.
  • Launch weekly founder posts (side-project).
  • Maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA in college
  • Write down 10 ideas everyday.

Before I dive in, here’s the TL;DR version to give you a quick glance.


So let’s start with my most important goal first: Health

Unfortunately I’m still at the same weight as I was when I released my goals for 2016. And up until last week, I had only worked out about 6 times this year, if that. However, happiness, spiritually and mentally , are off the charts! I’ve never been happier and I’m glad to live the life I do. It’s a true blessing. But health is a proroity for me so I’m determined to take the actions to accomplish this goals. I have recently started working out and I’m slowing eating healthier. The goal is to build consistency with a healthy lifestyle for vida! So while I’m not where I was hoping to be weight wise, I do feel confident that I’m slowly on my way there. It’s also getting warmer outside, so that means more walking outside and taking my bike out for some trials. Aside from that I also have made it a duty of mine to do some sort of exercise in the outdoors such as hiking (once a month). Got appreciate this beautiful world, we live in, right?

Now on to goal #2, WorkMand. My goal with WorkMand was to be working on it full time by the end of the year and closing in on product market fit. Well, if you’ve been following, than you know I was choosen as the Code2040 Minneapolis Entrepreneur in Residence :). Which means I’m now working on WorkMand full time (April 1st, was my first day) :). Now the goal is simple: build a business, get product market fit and make sure our users love us :).

So what about Graveti? Oops, I forgot to tell you, TUP (The Underrepresented Project) is now, Graveti. I’ll have a blog post on that soon. 🙂 The long term goal was to make it the the biggest diversity and inclusion organization in Minnesota (especially for people of color). Although we have a long way to go to accomplish that, I do believe Graveti is positioned to be the center of it all and make some big impact and help many accomplish their goals. I won’t be able to do everything I wanted with Graveti this year because as EIR, I also will be assisting COCO with their metrics. But they go hand-in-hand, so it’s a great opportunity to make a huge impact on the Twin Cities and have COCO be a center of it as well. More on this soon. 🙂

Ahh financial freedom. As I mentioned, this was a long term goal and something that could take 3-5 years but the sooner I accomplish it the better :). This is one that I was hoping I would be in a better position but I have fallen a bit behind with my payments of paying off my debt and I’m currently in a battle with income vs. expenses. But it’s all part of the struggle with being a entrepreneur with no money. In short, it’s been tough but I’m making it through and now that I’m going full time with WorkMand and Graveti, it’s pushed me to get to ‘roman profitability’ ASAP and also keep pushing for the long term goal. I’m confident I’ll achieve financial freedom over the next few years. Plus, I’m trying to my parents a crib and myself that tesla ;), oh and I love traveling!

Lastly, telling the world who I am. This is a strange one and not quite a clear goal but in short, it’s all about building my personal brand and becoming more helpful in the community. However, I learned that with building my personal brand, it’s all about being the authentic person that I am and to just show what I can do and continue to help others. The name will grow that way and people will start to recongize. It’s been overwhelming, as this has been increasing the past few weeks, with all the press going on but at the end of the day it means nothing cause I still have work to do and there’s plenty of goals to accomplish. I make sure to always stay true to myself and my beginnings. Everything I’ve accomplished to this day has from work ethic, my familia, support of friends and mentors and staying ‘humble and hungry’. So this wraps up my 5 goals. Oh yeah, the mini goals, I still have some work to do on that and it’s safe to say that some of that may be pushed back as I focus all my time and energy on building WorkMand, while also leading the efforts within the Twin Cities community for Latin/Black tech and entrepreneurial community.

Although we’re still early into the year and there’s a lot of work to be done, I feel like I’m on the right path towards my dreams and now it’s truly about embracing the journey and making the most of it, while I’m here on this planet. 🙂 Now back to the grind…


One love,




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