What a time. To be alive.

Tell the young high school kids keep dreamin’
Because they sure do come true

Woah! I’m feeling f*cking pumped right now and on a high unlike any other. Maybe you’ve seen the news (or haven’t) but I’m honored and blessed to announce that I have been chosen as the Code2040 Minneapolis Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at COCO powered by Google For Entrepreneurs.



Alex Rodriguez, Workmand

I ended the year, being awarded MN Tech Hustler of the Year and felt greatly honored to receive the award out of a community full of hustlers. Now in early 2016 (great birthday present 🙂 ) I’m named Code2040 EIR. Which allows me to be able to pursue my dreams full time and do the two things I’m most passionate about in life:

    1. Starting and growing a successful company I’m passionate about, such as WorkMand.

    2. Helping others and increasing diversity and inclusion in the tech/entrepreneurial community, primarily on people of color (Latino/as, Blacks).

I’m living out my dreams and it feels amazing. I’ve been working hard and putting inlot’s of hours of work, also dealt with continuos failures, no’s and defeats… but I always stayed true to myself and never stopped chasing my dreams.

Despite this [big] victory in my life, the chase doesn’t stop. I have so much I want to accomplish still and I honestly haven’t even touched an ounce of the stuff I want to accomplish in life. But I’m damn proud of where I’m at and where I’m headed. This is the beginning of many great things to come. I’m confident that as I stay hungry and humble, I’ll succeed.

So cheers to more success and enjoying the small and big wins on this journey.

One love,



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