Happy New Year and my goals for 2016!

Hello peeps!


Happy New Year, to you all! I hope everyone had an awesome (and safe) time last night; I know I did :). Yesterday, I gave you a rewind of 2015, highlighting some highs and lows. Today I want to share with you my five [main] goals for 2016, why I choose those five goals and a quick plan of action to execute those goals, mini goals and a theme. I’ll admit that this is the first time I have written down goals that I have for the year and a plan of action to obtain them. I’ve heard from many, describing the benefits of writing down goals, so we’ll see how it goes. 🙂


Goals for 2016:


  1. Health
    1. Lose fat (weight) and get to a weight goal of >= 225 (currently sitting at 360 – dang!).
    2. Eating a clean, balanced and nutritious diet.
    3. Exercising 4-5 times weekly.
    4. Meditating every morning and/or night.
    5. Reflecting each morning.
    6. Reading a book daily.
    7. Be happy and making others happy.
  2. Workmand
    1. Grow and build (my new startup) into a FT startup be generating 20K in ARR (or 30K in rev) by end of year.
    2. Or if I’m accepted into this new program, than work on Workman, full time and grow it into a 100K ARR company.
  3. ‘TUP’ (our diversity project)
    1. Launch and grow into the biggest diversity project in Minnesota.
    2. Launch our monthly meetup for minorities, interested/in tech and startups
  4. Financial Freedom
    1. Learn to save.
    2. Learn to budget.
    3. Learn to spend.
    4. Learn how to pay myself first.
    5. Money in checking, savings and spending accounts.
    6. Achieve financial freedom.
  5. Tell ‘em who I am
    1. Build and grow a-rod.co blog.
    2. Launch personal brand line.
    3. Become an influencer and leader in diversity and inclusion.
    4. Become an influencer and leader in Minnesota tech startups.
    5. Produce content that can be helpful to others – reach popular post sections.
    6. Be helpful to whoever I can be.

Mini Goals:


These are goals that I will benefit either my main goals for the year or in self-improvement or even helping others.

  • Read 24 books.
  • Write 24 blog posts.
  • Launch Enterprise Rising podcast.
  • Launch weekly founder posts (side-project).
  • Maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA in college
  • Write down 10 ideas everyday.


Theme for 2016… To be consistent and positive!

I choose this theme because something that I struggled with in 2015 (and have throughout my life) is to be consistent with life. What do I mean? I tend to work more in sprints, than in marathon mode. Life and startups are a marathon and if you want to succeed, you need to be ready to go the marathon length. I have experienced burn out and missed some goals because I’m not able to stick with them. It has left me in times; discouraged, lonely and upset. I know that by being consistent, I’ll be able to achieve my goals at a faster rate and also with a higher level of quality. So why did I add ‘positivity’? Simple, it’s one thing to go to class everyday and do your work to get a good grade. But those who really succeed in life, they apporach everyday with positivity and look at the benefits of their tasks. They know that by going to the gym everyday; they’ll be in better shape, feel better and look better.


Cheers to 2016 and being consistent!

  • A-Rod

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