A reflection on 2015

Hey everyone!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I know it’s been awhile since my last post but I wanted to get, at least, one more down before the year is over. One of my goals for 2016 is to build out a-rod.co and blog more consistently, so what better way to start the New Year than a self-reflection on my year?

2015 is over tonight and the year went by quick. It’s crazy how fast the years go by, yet how long they are. This year was my best year yet and I want to take y’all through a summary of my ups and downs and also the goals I hit for 2015, while giving you a glimpse into 2016.

I’ll admit that I didn’t have a formal action plan or written goals for 2015 but in short I can tell you that I wanted to accomplish:

• Lose weight

• Grow scholax into a FT startup

• work at a startup

• become an EIR for a company

• launch a blog

• become happier

• be a part of the tech community

Before I get into the highlights of 2015, I want to share the failures and what I learned.


· Not losing weight.

o Honestly, this was the biggest let down for me. I’ve struggled with weight loss my whole life and I know it’s something I need to turn around, because our body is the only thing in life we can’t change. It’s our home for life. So it’s important that I turn this around. I don’t want my health to hold me back in life from reaching my goals.

· Scholax (startup)

o Scholax, my first hack at a startup — short lived but damn did I learn a lot of skills, hustle and more importantly about myself.

Despite not accomplishing these goals, I’d

Now to the highlights of 2015:

· Entrepreneur in Residence with Tech.MN

o This was an awesome feeling to become the first and it has made me a better entrepreneur and taught me a ton about our startup community and given me so many opportunities that I’m forever thankful and grateful for.

· I finally got a job at a startup: When I Work

o Best part was that it was exactly the role I had my eyes on and I wanted to land. When I Work is truly a rockets hip and I got in at the right time and it’s a company that’s going to change the game for the hourly workforce.

· Bonus: I also got a Internship with early stage startup: Elevate Research.

o I wanted to get experience from both a rocket ship and early stage startup and this was perfect! So far I’ve learned a ton.

· I became a familiar face in the Tech Community.

o I’m no where were I want to be and by no means am I some sort of hot shot but I definitely was showing up at a ton events and many became familiar with my face :).

o I started to develop more friendships with many and was able to easily conversant with many more.

· I finally launched a blog.

o Although I haven’t promoted it or wrote as many post as I would like (but 2016 is going to be different), I’m glad I was brave enough to register a public domain and start sharing my journey.

  • (BONUS!) MN Tech Hustler of the Year!
  • I did my first ever personal interview
  • I won my first tech award
  • I got a lot of love from people. By no means am I looking for it but it feel great to be award that and be where I’m at today versus a year ago. 🙂

Overall 2015 was my best year. Can’t wait to see what I make of 2016.



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