Leap of Faith

If you scared to take a chance, how the fuck we gon’ get rich?

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and for the longest time, I had the habit of waiting too long to launch sometime or even worse, I’d wait so long and than just give up on it. This was an issue of mine because I was more of a talker, rather than a doer. As I was getting more and more into startups and entrepreneurship, I constantly heard from everyone I admired; “Just take the leap and go for it. You got nothing to lose.” I’ve carried this close to my heart and I now try to take action as quick as possible. I’ve learned that I really have nothing lose but everything to gain (blog post on that coming soon).

I’m sure you have friends who also like this or perhaps you, yourself are like that. In recent months I’ve had various friends ask me what they should do get to where they want to be next in life (school, job/internship, life). Whatever their answer is, I tell them to just go for it and see what happens. Want a sales job at a booming startup but feel you don’t have the experience or credentials to land it? Hoping to go to Stanford, UofM or get into YC? Think the girl in your class is cute or the guy across the bar is handsome? Stop being scared and go for it. So  what you didn’t get into YC or she rejected you. Learn from it and improve.

You fail 1,000,000,000 times but none of that matters once you’ve got it right once. All it takes is one time to be a ‘success’. Drew Houston has a great speech he gave about, failure, too not worry about it because you only need to be successful once. All the overnight success stories, started like this, Michael Jordan, AirBnB and Sara Blakely to name a few. Point being, just go for it. If you fail, get back up and go for it. You’re likely to gain a lot of experience from it anyways. 🙂

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