Aim for the moon land among the stars

Don’t be afraid to miss the bullseye. You may just end up finding something you love.

I recently was listening to another podcast of EOF (if you aren’t familiar with it, I can’t recommend it enough), and it happened to feature Tim Paige. Tim is the Conversion Educator at LeadPages and has an awesome beard! The podcast was filled with excellent information and a lot of motivation but the one piece that really stuck with me is the quote above.

I’m constantly chasing my dream(s) and I strive to do all it takes to achieve them. However along the way I’ve come across many opportunities that I have now taken on or loved. In life, you have to just go for it but not be afraid to end elsewhere. Cause just like running a business, you’ll also pivot many times in life (both personally and professionally). Just think back to 5-10 years ago… Are you who you thought you’d be or where’d you ‘wanted’ to be? For better or worse, we decide the outcome. It’s not failing it you get back up and try. So if you fall short and end up elsewhere or not what you wanted, just pick yourself back up and go for it again, it’ll only make you better. Plus who knows, you may just end up finding what you truly want and love in life.


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